The Power of Comment Tag in Programming.


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The Power of Comment Tag in Programming.

The comment tag serves as a tool for inserting comments into the source code, providing valuable information for developers, without being displayed in browsers.

Unfortunately, many programmers tend to overlook the significance of comments in their code. Some may only use comments to temporarily disable or "comment out" problematic code during the debugging process. I confess that I used to be guilty of this practice as well until I recognized the true importance of comments in my development journey.

While reviewing a code I had written months ago, I found myself struggling for hours to comprehend its logic. It was my first project, and at that time, I was not well-versed in the concept of comments. Consequently, I had followed a step-by-step guide provided by a tutor to write the code.

Reflecting upon that experience, I realized that my struggle could have been significantly reduced if I had used comments to describe each line of code or document every step involved in making the code functional. This realization taught me a valuable lesson. Nowadays, I make it a point to incorporate comments throughout my code, elucidating each step and clarifying its purpose.

As programmers, we are not solely acquiring the skill of coding; we are also striving to become better developers. Embracing the practice of consistently using comments in our code not only facilitates future edits or project completion, but it also enhances code readability for others, preventing them from feeling lost or confused.

To summarize, comments play a crucial role in explaining code, ultimately saving significant time when revisiting the source code at a later date, particularly when dealing with extensive projects. Making a habit of employing descriptive comments is highly recommended.

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